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Nadia Safieddine

Elegy is unabashedly rooted in the exploration of the personal.

Safieddine proposes no inflexible thesis, no obstinate message, and no particular philosophy. Instead, she explores the complexity of her inner being, through a set of portraits infused with undeniable melancholy and violence.

The raw results of unscripted studio sessions, her paintings blend abstraction and figuration. Over myriad layers of muted colors, brighter tones interject spontaneously, with the effect of a surface simultaneously highly textured, opaque, and glossy.

Distorted and exaggerated characters start taking shape. Hesitating between movement and stillness, these vulnerable creatures desperately resist the brutal brushstroke, and refuse to sink within the depth of the picture.

Although made to evoke the metamorphoses of the artist’s body and self only, the paintings inexorably call for a meditation on the universal vicissitudes of the human mind.

Nadia Safieddine was born in Dakar, Senegal in 1973. Between 1993 and 1998, she studied at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Lebanese University where she received a diploma in Painting. She also practiced playing the piano with professor Nora Vartabedian. In 2000, Nadia moved to Berlin to further her practice and love for music with Shelley Soffer. She has been exhibiting her art work and musical interest since 1995 in Lebanon, Germany, France and Estonia. She currently lives and works in Beirut.

Untitled, 192x175cm, oil on canvas, 2015, ref. #02

A L'ombre, 190x170cm, oil on canvas, 2015, ref. #01

Irrité et fier, 150x140cm, oil on canvas, 2015, ref. #03

Le poète maudit, 185x150cm, oil on canvas, 2015, ref. #05

Le rat ivre, 185x200cm, oil on canvas, 2015, ref. #06

Le vilain, 1200x186cm, oil on canvas, 2015, ref. #07

Lycanthrope, 190x170cm, oil on canvas, 2014, ref. #08

Predateur, 200x180cm, oil on canvas, 2015, ref. #09

21 July-22 August, 2015

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