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Christian Carle-Catafago
Since The End

“Since The End”

"In reality, every mutable thing has within itself the measure of its time."
-Johann Gottfried Herder

The interpretation of signs, namely, the objects or events whose presence indicates the probable presence of something else, is the central activity that defines our ability to communicate meaning, always imbued in a temporal sequence. This meaning, however temporal, is the only humanly available promise of truthfulness of the factual in relation to the real. The tissue of the real, as an aggregate of the entirety of phenomena and human relationships, is not available to description, but only to intuition, and under extraordinary circumstances, to perception. Facts on the order hand, are organized chronologically: When, then, and the end. But what happens to the faculty of judgment when the system of signs that travel between fact and reality becomes obscured and muted? Is it possible to speak of reliable memories when the apparatus of perception is barred from access to the data that make the signs communicable?
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Born in1968, Christian Carle-Catafago has specialized in Urban and Landscape visual art, strongly influenced in this by his architecture teacher, the philosopher Paul Virilio.

Carle-Catafago has exhibited his works on divided cities, traces of war, landscapes of South America and other related subjects in France, Lebanon, Germany, Argentina through 14 solo exhibitions and more than 15 group exhibitions since 1996. His works and books are in the collections of the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie (MEP) and the Centre Canadien d'Architecture (CCA) and has been awarded prizes and grants for his work by the European Union, UNDP, Fujifilm and other institutions.

He holds a Master in Architecture/Urbanism (ESA), an MBA (ESCP), a Master in Finance (ESCP) and a Master in Clinical Coaching and Consulting (INSEAD).

Mixed media, Oxidation, Patina on copper sheet

Since 36
96x79.5cm, ref. #01

Since 8
96x71cm, ref. #02

Since 34
66x61cm, ref. #03

Since 4
96x67cm, ref. #04
Since 20
96x65cm, ref. #05

Since 5
96x96cm, ref. #06

Since 21
96x71cm, ref. #07
Since 10
96x62.5cm, ref. #08

Since 39
121x81cm, ref. #09
Since 37
121x81cm, ref. #10

Since 22
113x96cm, ref. #11

Since 32
121x81cm, ref. #12
Since 31
121x81cm, ref. #13

Since 29
121x81.5cm, ref. #14

Since 40
99x66cm, ref. #15

Since 38
96x45cm, ref. #16
Since 13
96x51cm, ref. #17

Since 33
96x79cm, ref. #18

Since 17
96x63cm, ref. #19
Since 15
96x63cm, ref. #20

Since 6
96x65cm, ref. #21

Since 27
72x59cm, ref. #22

Since 9
96x66.5cm, ref. #23

29 September-24 October, 2015

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