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Souheil Sleiman
Just About Touching The Structure

This project is not a gallery exhibition or an installation. It is a proposition somewhere in between, by the sculptor Souheil Sleiman in collaboration with art curator, Amanda Abi Khalil. The gallery will be transformed, suggestive of an artist’s studio, to house a selection of the sculptor’s drawings that are a prelude to his sculptural works.

Souheil Sleiman was born in Meziara in 1952.

In 1970, he moved to England to study art, first at the Salford Technical College for his Foundation year then at the North East London Polytechnic School of Art and Design before he joined the Royal College of Art in 1975.

Sleiman’s practice revolves mainly around sculpture that is informed by ‘’events’’ that transcend national boundaries. He has worked and experimented with a range of material, combining them often, like wood, wax, clay, cardboard, paper and recycled hybrid textures. His practice questions global, political, social and environmental issues as well as challenges the material and the process of sculpture making. He explored kinetic and site-specific sculptures and he is known for his collaborative projects with artists and curators.
He has been extensively exhibited in Lebanon and collaborated with international institutions and galleries amongst them the British more...

Exhibition view

Drawings from the artist's studio

16 December, 2014 - 6 January, 2015

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