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Abdul Rahman Katanani

“Softness of a circle, Knife edge of a straight line”

“We travel in space in the same way we travel in time, as our thoughts and the characters’ thoughts also travel. They are only probing, or more exactly, spiraling into the past and the future. Everything forms a circle, but the loop never closes, the revolution carries us ever deeper into reminiscence. Shadows follow shadows, illusions follow illusions, not like the walls that slide away or mirrors that reflect to infinity, but by a kind of movement more worrisome still because it is without a gap or break and possesses both the softness of a circle, and the knife-edge of a straight line”.
Eric Rohmer

After 18 months of research-intensive residence at the “Cité Internationale des Arts” in Paris, Abdul Rahman Katanani returns to Beirut with a new body of work and a "sweeping" installation on display in Agial till May 30. Like most of us, concerned with the escalating nihilism ravaging and devastating our region, Katanani expresses his reactive anger through painstakingly knitting with barbed wire this overwhelming tornado of violence that is sweeping our lands and swallowing indiscriminately on its way to the unknown our hopes of peace and dreams of happiness, our roots of the past and illusions of the future...

Olive Tree
Barbed wire and olive tree trunk, 190x280cm, 2015

Olive Tree
Barbed wire and olive tree trunk, 100x100cm, 2015

Olive Tree
Mixed media and barbed wire on recycled wood, 176x126cm, 2015

Olive Tree
Barbed wire and olive tree trunk, 100x90cm, 2015

12-30 May, 2015

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