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Said Baalbaki
Memories of Stones

Said reminds one of a child gazing out into the world. He is fascinated by all that would seem forgotten. He discovers things that others only begin to notice upon beholding and exploring his paintings. Said imbues the things with a new consciousness. He creates a fascinating world - one viewed with the eyes of both a boy and a man who is capable of yearning for what is past with all his heart. Childhood thus lives on through maturity to become a part of life's story - our story. And it is thus that Said fulfills his promise.
Marwan Kassab Bachi

Said Baalbaki was born in 1974, Beirut. He lives and works between Beirut and Berlin.
In 2005, he was awarded the Meisterschülerpreis des Präsidenten (President’s Prize) from the UDK (Berlin University of Fine Arts). Since 1998, he exhibited in Berlin, London, New York, Doha, Dubai, Paris, Brussels and Beirut.

Said Baalbaki comes back to Beirut with an exhibition of his graphic works titled “Memories of stones”. Three folios of lithographs will be presented for the first time, with texts by Marwan Kassab Bachi in Arabic, Gregory Buchakjian in English and Valerie Cachard in French. The folios come in an elegant specially designed box.

"The Baalbaki Journey or Said and the Little Boat", Lithographs with Text by Marwan.

"Nos Ames En Chantier", 6 color lithographs and text by Valerie Cachard, ed. 8/15.

26 November-4 December, 2015

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